Upper West Side (Chiavari Package)

Our exquisite ceremony packages have been uniquely designed to suit a range of wedding styles. Each theme has been custom designed in every detail to provide you with everything you need to complete your ceremony styling.

We have developed the theme of each ceremony package so that the styling includes all of the finer details, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. All of the planning  has already been done for you, so you can simply select a package to suit your wedding style.

All ceremony packages come as a complete set, including ceremony chairs, wedding arbour, signing table, flowers, decorations and finer details.

The Upper West Side Chiavari Package contains;

  • Three Rows of Eight Clear Chiavari Tiffany Ceremony Chairs
  • A Gorgeous White Wooden Arbour with White Sheer Curtains
  • Two Tiffany Signing Chairs
  • A Classic Writing Desk for your Signing Table
  • Magnolia Hand Made Floral Arrangement
  • Our Giant LOVE Letters can be added to any Ceremony Package